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Women Guide is a comprehensive editorial concerning women. A daily destination for women, this guide covers everything from health and pregnancy issues to beauty and makeup tips. Categorized according to shopping, beauty, fashion.
Bathing Suit Season: Online Diets to the Rescue
Bathing Suit Season: Online Diets To the RescueAs summer rapidly approaches, many of us have visions of lying on the shore basking in the rays while the sound of the ocean roars in the background. Ba...
How To Make Lingerie Shopping Easier
Like most guys, I hate shopping. Shopping is right up there with being hung upside down by my toes, not on my list of favorite things to do. Shopping for lingerie is at the top of my shopping hate ...
Women swimsuits
The first use of bathing apparel was done in Greece in 300 BC. Since then women swimsuits had made a long journey. A lot of changes were seen in women swimsuits since then.
Why Wear A Thong?
Thongs are the latest new design for womens panties. Thongs are panties designed to offer a totally smooth fit with no detectable panty lines. The no-show thong has become popular with women of all a....
Shopping for Swimsuits
Now that swimsuit season is nearing, most of us are fretting about our diets and exercise programs in hopes that we will be able to fit into a swimsuit the next time we go shopping. While diet and ex...
Spray Tan Basics
I miss summer! I think I suffer from season depression disorder (and its only November). You know what would make me feel better? A healthy glow! No, I dont want to be one of those tanning booth...
Womens Swimwear Revolution: Cover-ups and show-offs for your body at the beach!
Swimsuits have ebbed and flowed through the centuries! Its almost certain that the first swimmers wore no suit at all and although some historians date womens first swimsuits to the Eighteenth C...
Fake a Tan with Sunless Tanning Lotion
A great tan is associated with health and beauty. While a bronze look is desirable, especially in the summer or on holiday -- we all know the dangers of the sun's UV rays. Is a temporary tan worth ...
Types of Woman's Swimwear
This is one of many articles posted weekly on When anyone goes to the beach they usually observe several different types of swimwear girls walking around. Some have one....
The Types Of Swimwear For Women
Are you thinking of purchasing a new type of swimwear? The clothing industry offers many types of swimwear for women to choose from. More conservative women often chose a one piece suit that modestly ...
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