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Women Guide is a comprehensive editorial concerning women. A daily destination for women, this guide covers everything from health and pregnancy issues to beauty and makeup tips. Categorized according to shopping, beauty, fashion.
What is Mystery Shopping and Can You Really Get Paid to Shop?
Why Do Businesses Hire Mystery Shoppers?In general, shops are done to find out about the level of service provided to customers. However, mystery shoppers may also be asked to verify that employees ar...
Shoppers Beware - 'Tis The Season
Its the number one complaint from consumers and it only takes a moment for you to become a victim. While you search for holiday bargains, identity thieves are searching for targets - unsuspecting c...
Womens Love Affair with Shoes
To most women, shoes mean more than merely keeping ones foot covered. Never mind if the pair of shoes cause blisters or that we have already lost count of the number of shoes at home which are on t...
Mallin' Rouge: Composition and Structuring of Malls
Working side by side with the creation of this staged spectacle, the creation of identity in malls, shops and boutiques are also functional. There are two systems that can bring about the creation of...
Consumers Confused by Modern Cars
New research suggests that fancy additions to today's vehicles are leaving many Britons bewildered.Insurance services provider LV= claims that over a third (37 per cent) of people interviewed in a re...
London - Shoppers Paradise
London is the shopping capital of the world. From the boutiques of Bond Street to the teeming Oxford Street fashion stores and vibrant street markets, there is something to suit even the most discerni...
The Purpose Of Mystery Shopping
Mystery shopping is designed to provide companies with valuable information that they may use to improve their business, service or product. A secret shopper is hired to visit a business location and...
Shop Carefully to Have the Best Deal
Loan options to satisfy personal needs are not rare. Now, the UK loan market is flooded with loan plans of attractive interest rate and easy repayment patterns. Every loan plan claims to be more borro...
Drop The High Street Drag - Shop For Style Online!
Surely its considered a major fashion faux pas turning up somewhere in the same outfit as someone else. If the current crop of high street shops are anything to go by, however, youd be forg...
Is There Any Reason To Buy a Prom Dress in November or December?
The calendar has just turned to fall, and the holiday season is still months away. You are getting into the routine of back-to-school: homework, tests, after school activities, and sports. Besides loo...
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