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Divorce and Infidelity

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Dating After Divorce - When is it Too Soon to Date After a Divorce?
Making the choice to begin dating after divorce may cause lots of emotions for you. The thought can be exciting, scary, happy or even sad. But what about the feelings your kids may be having about it?...
5 Ways To Numb The Financial Pain Of Divorce
Whether it comes before or after the papers are signed, economic hardship is all too familiar to many couples who divorce. Following a few financial guidelines can ease the burden during this difficu...
"Extramarital Affair: Should You Get A Divorce Just Because One Of You Had An Extramarital Affair?"
Having to deal with an extramarital affair can be a life-changing event, regardless of whether you stay married or not. Inescapable feelings can come over both people that will never be forgotten by e...
"Divorce and Children: Things To Consider When You're Staying Married Only For Your Children"
All children are different and respond differently to divorce. Depending on the characteristics of the children - age, emotional maturity, happiness, resiliency to trauma - the easier or more difficul...
How to Tell Your Children About Divorce
Whether your divorce is amicable or contentious, when and how to tell your children can be a difficult issue.  Your children may already know that there are difficulties in your home life and mar...
Divorce's Most Common, Most Costly Mistakes
Divorce is a time when the decision to make a change without the other. You're sensitive, you have hurt feelings and you just want the emotional pain to stop. Divorce will put a stop to it, but going...
Deciding on Divorce: How to know you are making the right choice
It's a well known fact that in this day and age most marriages end up in divorce. When confronted with the possibility of "throwing a relationship away", you'll probably experience a lot of s...
What Parents Should Do For Children To Do Their Best After Divorce?
Why do some children still do best after divorce and separation? Is there divorce parenting approaches that really work? Read and learn the divorce parenting approaches that really work.Going through ...
Divorce Is Not A Good Idea Right Now
Since September 11th although tempers have flared, depression has increased and sleeplessness has become an unwelcome visitor to many, committed relationships have not faltered and divorce filings hav...
Divorce & Alimony: Understanding The Different Types Of Support Awards
By definition, alimony is a specific amount of money ordered by a court to be paid by one spouse to the other. The term of payments can either be limited or indefinite and, traditionally, was designed...
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